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What does Pending Offer Review mean? Options
Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 12:29:20 PM

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If a client chooses to decline your work, in an attempt to help you get paid something (rather than nothing) for your work, we allow the client to make a revised offer for the piece. If the client chooses to do so, you will receive an email notification with a link that leads you to the document, which will now appear in your account under the Pending Offer Review status. There, you will be able to choose to either accept or reject the offer. If you accept the client's revised offer, you will be paid the new amount, and the content becomes the property of the client. If you reject the client's revised offer, you are not paid anything, but retain ownership of the content to use as you wish in the future. We understand this feature may sound like there is potential for clients to abuse it by constantly "low-balling" writers in an attempt to pay less than what is fair. When considering whether this is a good or bad feature for writers, consider the following: This feature is used less than 0.1 percent of the time by buyers using Zerys, so this really should not impact any writers significantly. An open marketplace has ways of weeding out clients that don't play fair. When clients decline content and make lower offers too much, other writers will see this in their stats and reviews and can choose not to work with that client. The stats show that this feature is used very little by clients. In our talks with clients, we have found that this feature is most often used by clients who don't feel they can use the content as is, or it will require too much time to edit the content, but they feel bad paying the writer nothing and want to compensate them something for their time. Finally, if you feel a client is truly abusing this feature, let us know by creating a support ticket — we will research it and take action if we feel it is appropriate. Thanks. When you do accept a revised pay offer for any work you've done, that amount will immediately be scheduled for payment on the next payday. Since the client has now paid for the work, it is moved to the Approved tab in your Writing Job Center. It is important to note that just as any other work you are paid for through Zerys, the copyright transfers to the client at this point and you lose all rights to it. You are under no obligation to accept a lowered offer the client has made for work you have done, and it does not count as a cancellation on your part. Since the ability to make a lower offer is only available as part of the process of declining content, if you do not accept the new offer, the work will show up under the Declined tab in your Writers Job Center, and you will not be paid for the work. You do retain ownership of all declined content, including those the client made an offer on that you chose not to accept.

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