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Who reviews and edits my content? How long does it take? Options
Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 12:30:43 PM

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When a document you've completed is in Pending Review status, there are currently 4 types of people that could be reviewing it: Marketer — these are single businesses or organizations that are purchasing content for their own company. Their client ID will begin with "DC" for "Direct Client". Marketer clients must review content within 7 business days. However, if they request revisions, the total amount of time can extend beyond that. Agency — these are marketing companies that are typically purchasing content on behalf of multiple clients they are managing using a special version of our Zerys software called Zerys for Agencies. Jobs posted by an Agency have an Agency editor review stage whereby someone working at the agency ("Agency Editor") reviews the content before it is sent to the agency's client for review. Agency Editors have 14 business days to review. If the job is not reviewed within that time, it is auto-approved and sent to the next status. The 14 business days is calculated from the date of the last action taken. So, it isn't always going to be from the date that you first submitted the job to the editor. If, for example, you submit a job then the editor reviews it a few days later, the 14 business days will start over from that date of review. Agency's Client — this refers to a client that is being managed by the agency. Within Zerys for Agencies is a feature that allows agencies to submit content to their client for review. Ultimately, the agency is still YOUR client, and you will usually only be working with the agency, not the agency's client. Agency Clients have 7 business days to review content before it is auto-approved. The length of time depends on the client's account setting. If they request further revisions, you will be notified and will be given instructions about what changes are required. Zerys Editor — some clients hire a freelance editor through Zerys, similar to how they have hired you as the writer. If your job is listed as "Pending Zerys Network Editor," it means that the job is waiting to be claimed by an editor. If it says "Zerys Editor," then the document is currently being worked on by an editor. The status will update to one of the other review statuses when the editor submits it to the client.
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