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My new partime Job :) Options
Posted: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 1:09:39 PM

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Oh Hi,

I finally learned how to access this post! :)

Hi everyone!

I am new to Zery's and was referred by a friend.

I love to write and have published several books.

I was hoping to have some fun on here and maybe make some extra $  :).

If anyone wants to fill me in on your experiences I would be so honored!

Let's see what kind of writing am I good at?

I would say I always had a big imagination and creativity.

I was born and raised in a private community so I might not be as filled in on this new world as some of the rest of you. :)

I never used technology until I was 23 or electricity for that matter.

Thank goodness I am good at reading and writing or I would be way behind! ha

Hopefully soon I get a writing request? That would be so fun!

You all have a great day now!



Posted: Thursday, September 7, 2017 5:06:24 PM

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Welcome Marian, I wish you success here at Zerys. My experience has been positive, it took me a few years to build up a client base but I am very happy with the frequency and volume of work I receive. You'll need to start off on the open job board to find new clients and keep at it. It may take awhile but this is a great place to make some extra cash! 
Posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 2:03:39 PM

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Thank you so much Darcie!
Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 6:29:24 PM

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Welcome. :) 

There is definitely plenty of work to be had here if you are patient. I started writing here 2 years ago as of this week. In my first full year I was able to write/sell 1000 pieces here. This year I wrote/sold 1626. 

That said, my first 3-4 months were kind of tough. I was lucky because I was working a full time office job in a very poorly managed company, so I had a TON of free time to just stare at the wall. I spent those hours refreshing the job board here and picking every single piece that I could get my hands on. It didn't pay terribly well at first, and I think my first "paycheck" was $8. However, I set a goal for myself of making $100 the next month. And then $250 the following month. In my third full month I got my first regular client who started sending me 12 blogs/month reliably. I knocked those out and continued to scavenge off of the open board. 

By month 7-8, I had a handful of regular clients and I had already raised my rate once. Work started pouring in consistently, and now this is my primary source of income. I quit my terrible office job and now I sit at home with my cats and write in between wrangling my children. 

SO, you can totally do it. Just have to be patient and persistent. :D That's my success story for the day. 
Posted: Saturday, September 23, 2017 1:46:11 PM

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Thanks Jessica :)
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